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Ecommerce website;

From simple to overly complex websites with thousands of pages, the eCommerce website varies according to the size and form of the business.

ECommerce is a website built mainly to showcase and sell your products to your audience.

Your products should be categorized and arranged properly for customers to browse through and purchase products without friction or complication.

Some features of an eCommerce website

  • Product catalogue
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout page
  • Payment gateway
  • And some other custom and dynamic pages
Examples of Ecommerce Websites For Inspiration

Bram Company

You always don’t have to wait until you have multiple collections of products to sell, before considering a website for your business.

I have seen several few products eCommerce websites that are doing extremely well, with a high conversion rate

You know sometimes the narrow your niche, the greater the opportunity for you to dominate.

Bram is a store that sells only a product, which is the leather wallet, and the website has been creatively structured to achieve this cause.


Another classy example of a single product eCommerce store.

The rare privilege you derive from having to dedicate a whole website just to one line of product is basically that you can be more detailed about the product, and employ every convincing strategy to market the product.

Just from the homepage you’ll know everything about the pwnage custom mouse, the hero header video shows you a 360’ view of the mouse.

Moving down the fold you’ll see some available custom style, further down you’ll discover all the core features of the mouse and then past testimonies from buyers.

An impeccable and detailed user interface altogether.

Natif Store

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that having a story around your brand gives your brand a unique position and helps you sell better and faster.

When you take a keen look at the most successful eCommerce brands, you’ll realize they all have a story to tell, even if some didn’t have any from inception, they had to build one they began to grow.

 Natif store speaks luxury, quality, and simplicity, hence, the website was built to expatiate these details.

My Party Tickets

It’s not far-fetched to have just consumables or accessories to define eCommerce, hence, when we hear the word eCommerce what comes to mind are basically wears, and other physical goods.

What about deals, ideas and, courses, there are a plethora of things that can be sold online.

My Park Tickets curate the best deal for theme park tickets, thus, the company helps you with the best combination of discounted park deals and still have the tickets delivered to you for free.

Bakery Lorraine

We’re past the days when you have to fully depend on word of mouth to acquire your desired clients.

You need to harness all means possible to 10x your business.

Whatever you’re selling or producing, your local store needs a website.

On Bakery Lorraine, just by filling a few fields in a form, you can simply customize your order just as if you’re there live at the store.

Fly By

Very creative use of whitespace, in fact, adopting the line effect on the product label on the landing page gave the page a very unique interface.

Click on the shop link in the header you will discover the hover effect you might have never seen before.

All-round stunning design and testimonials from big brands added icing to the cake.


This landing page was basically featured here, mainly because of the uniqueness of the products offered.

Further affirming the fact that you can create a website for almost any kind of business.

July.ac sells a very distinctive type of Air Conditioner, which has won rave reviews from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and so on.


 The peculiarity of the design made genusee.com to be featured in our list.

Also, the copy above the header will definitely increase customers buying power.

Sometimes, people want to carry out some charitable deeds but don’t know how to go about it, so, when someone is doing this on their behalf, they are encouraged and support more.

Do you still remember Toms; for every pair you buy, one is being donated to someone.

If you do any charitable deeds in your business feel free to share it on your site, it spurns action in your customers

Feels App

The goofy background video already portrayed what should be expected from the app.

In fact, using several floating elements in the form of gifs, subtle animation, and colour gradients, Feels-app was able to build a custom and fun-filled landing page that should convert more visitors to the app loyal users.

Another thing, I would like to appoint out here is that you need to know your audience and build what they can relate with.

It’s kind of clear and obvious that Feels App is for the millennials.

Study your audience; their age range, demographic, interests, behaviours.

Flow Your Money

Breathtaking design interface, wise color choice, the call-to-action button at the top will definitely make prompt buying decisions.

Fast speed website

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