Best reasons why you need a professional business website.
[Ultimate Guide]

In this guide, I discuss in detail, why you need a professional business website to thrive on the web.

It is important to note that your online presence is as important as your physical presence. Hence, we’ll discuss;

  • Why having several social media networks doesn’t connote adequate online presence
  • Why website builders are not considered the best options.
  • Website Case studies
  • Websites for inspiration
  • And lots more

Let’s get started.

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Let us consider this crucial question.

What happens when your business is not visible on the web?

Your prospects simply become your competitors’ customers!­­­­­­­

As an astute business owner, you wouldn’t want to experience losing sales or jobs to your competitors, not because you are incapacitated but because you are not identified as a trusted business.

A reliable source has it that more than 81% of potential customers research a business online prior to making a purchase decision.

81% of potential customers research a business online prior to making a purchase decision.
81% of potential customers research a business online prior to making a purchase decision.

Trust me, the privileges having an online presence avails your business are innumerable!

Probably, you might have concluded that all it means to be online is to have several social media accounts with pictures of your products and services, and also short bio of your business.

Hence, having a professional business website is not necessary for your kind of business.

Really, social media might actually be a winning strategy for some businesses, however, the shortcomings of this approach are clear and indisputable.

Below, I will highlight some shortcomings of having your online presence only social media.

Shortcomings of having your business only social media.

1. It is time-consuming and less flexible.

Having social media as your only online base means you’d still have to spend your quality time on pre-sales and post-sales operations.

Also, it might become cumbersome to manage because you have to satisfy your audience’s expectation of your business being able to produce engaging, consistent, and high-quality content.

A professional website will help you conserve time so that you can focus on improving your products and services.

And these could be done effectively with a wide range of automated tools and plugins.

For example, let’s take a look at this eCommerce process;

Once your products are displayed on your website.

To buy from you, your customers only have to select the product of their choice, considering their preference; size, color, model, etc. And add them to cart

You can even offer them discounts based on their activity on your website over time to drive in more quality sales.

Then they check out, and you receive the notification of the order, your distributing channel can also receive the order notification as well, and goods are dispatched

All this can only be achieved automatically through a website!

Ecommerce process from, online purchase to delivery
Ecommerce process from online purchase to delivery
2. Limited control

You have almost no control over feedbacks on your products and services on social media.

A few negative feedbacks can send you out of business, over time we have seen how feedbacks could determine the share price or market value of even multinationals.

 Just a negative tweet from Kylie Jenner made Snapchat lose over $1.3 billion in value in one single day, imagine that was a startup, that would have been a total shutdown.

I’m not intentionally backlashing social media here, just stating why it shouldn’t be the only home for your business on the web.

It’s not actually that your website is absolutely immune to negative feedback, only that it can be managed easily and quickly before it’s been escalated.

Presentation 1 1 scaled
3. A change in algorithm can adversely affect your business.

For example, Facebook’s recent change in algorithm sent so many business owners out of business.

Facebook which is the main source of sales for most online businesses, no longer gives preference to business pages.

Consequentially, less than 3% of a business page followers see their posts on their timelines.

On the flip side, you own your website, and your visitors see what you want them to see and when you want them to see it.

It is important to note that several social media networks will likely follow this path soon since they all want you to run ads to promote your business on their respective platforms.

4. Social media Offers only basic insights

Most social media networks avail you only limited options to monitor your users’ behaviour and demography.

Hence, it becomes more difficult to understand your audience and what prompted their buying decision or what actually stopped them from making the purchase.

Here, you only rely on your content to do the magic for you.

However, on your website you can integrate unlimited tools and plugins to achieve this purpose, helping you to sell more efficiently.

You can monitor all users, who they are, where they are coming from and the sites they visit after visiting your site.

 You can even monitor all the actions they are taking while on your website and what actually triggered the actions.

5. A social media website can be discontinued.

April 2 2019 googled owned social media; google plus, which was created to compete with Facebook and invested so much in was officially discontinued.

This ultimately dictates the end of business for several business owners who have google plus has their main and only source of prospects.

And, don’t also forget some countries’ policies prohibits the usage of certain social network, if it’s not happening in your country yet, doesn’t mean it will never happen.

Your website is yours now and forever as long as you keep meeting up with your host and domain conditions

6.Policy Restriction.

To thrive on social media, you have to learn to comply with their policies, play the game according to their terms and conditions even if they are against your will.

We have seen several businesses having their contents brought down inadvertently and some even losing their accounts which they have painstakingly built from scratch.

And sometimes they wouldn’t give you cogent reasons why this action was taken on your account.

However, on your website, you determine what happens and when it happens. You structure your terms and condition to suite your business model.

7. Not specifically built for businesses

Obviously, most social media network was not originally built for businesses, they were built to enhance communication amongst individuals.

So, for you to thrive on the platforms you need to learn to make your content more relatable especially if you’re in the B2C business.

You need to understand your audience and know what appeals to them at a particular time.

Therefore, your articles, videos, and caption must be digestible and spurn interest for you to get traction on social media.

This should be a norm to achieve growth in any business, however, the major drawback to this approach with social media is basically that;

It is difficult to do this organically and it takes time to get to the level of seeing meaningful metrics, another option is to run ads which definitely can be very expensive.

8. You’re subjected to a uniform outlay.

Social media only allows you to do little customization on your account.

All the space given to you to pronounce your brand are basically your profile picture, cover or banner image, and content arrangement.

You can’t build for yourself a unique layout specifically for your brand.

 Moving forward to another myth commonly traded among small business owners,

 “I have little experience with website builders for example Wix and Squarespace.

Why can’t I get the job done myself?”

As much as you want to join the wagon and avail your business the privilege to take advantage of the opportunities available through a website.

An ill-designed website will do nothing but scare away your prospects.

Your website is a visual expression of your business online, for this reason you want to give it your all, for it to appear excellent.

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile
57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile

As much as these website builders can be a go-to for some startups, even some must have achieved their big wins using them, their cons cannot be overemphasized;

Why you cannot use website builder for your business website.

1.  Website builder also serve as your host (where your website files are located),

In the real sense, this should be an advantage to you as a website owner, the downside to this approach is that when anything goes wrong with the website builder, your website is affected.

This means you need to consider the uptime of a website builder before settling for one.

2. Website Builder can be pricey

Most website builders offer a freemium plan, in other words, you can actually explore paying little or nothing.

Upgrading to their premium plan can be a bit pricey, and most times it is what you need to build your desired website, because only then will you have access to a variety of tools and resources provided by the builder.

3. Limited Storage

I think only Squarespace offers unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth, still, they keep check on your usage.

This technically means, you have limitations on the kind of content you can upload – your images and video content have to be minimal- and also the number of persons that can visit your site per time.

For example, the GoDaddy eCommerce website builder allows you only to upload up to 5000 products on your site. If you’re considering a bigger online store this is definitely not for you.

4. Basic SEO features

One major limitation common to every website builder is that they offer only basic search engine optimization tools and features.

The SEO game is beyond keyword and description in the post and alt tags in the image.

Most times achieving desired results on search engines requires integration of third-party tools or plugins for achieving the same or better still, a tweak in the source code of the site.

You want to test several actions taken on your website, what is converting better and why it is converting. You want to do what your competitors are doing, and in a better way.

Painstakingly, website builders only allow you few third-party integrations and no access to their source code.

Another consideration is the site speed, which is one of the major ranking factors for search engines, website builders are known to be very slow owing to the fact that they contain bulky and sometimes messy codes which are not needful for your website.

Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year.
Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year.
5. Restrictions on customization

It’s commonplace for users to get stuck while designing with a website builder, you will definitely get to a point where you will need a feature that isn’t currently available.

Consequentially, you have to settle for what is available, limiting your design prowess and creativity.

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design
75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design
6. Unimpressive customer support

I have discovered over time through experience that website builders don’t usually come with the best support.

You can be stuck and you will get little or no help from the support team. Most times you’re left with forums to get your issues sorted.

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.
It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

In this light, I will only advise you stick to website builders if you’re just starting out and you’re testing the waters. Once you’re ready for full deployment, get a custom website built for your business.

However, if your challenge is budget or the unreasonable timeframe given by some website agency, which of course they wouldn’t still meet up with.

 You can consider a growing website agency or better still a freelancer who has a good track record and remarkable design sense.

Now that we’ve fully established that social media networks are not the best option for building an online presence likewise, website builders are not the best means to achieve a professional business website.

We need to share the reasons why it is important you own a website for your business

Reasons why you need a website for your business.

1. Access to a wider audience

One major advantage the internet has availed small businesses is access to audiences across geographical locations.

That is; businesses can now transact globally without barriers such as location, language, and cultural differences. Potential customers can visit and surf through the pages of your website using their respective platforms.

However, to enjoy this goodwill and privileges the web has made available, your business has to be accurately positioned.

A creative and professional business website positions you to capture the attention of this audience and get them intimated with your business and its mode of operation, therefore, making you a considerable option when a product or service within your industry is needed.

Nearly 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses.
Nearly 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses.
2. Earns your business weighty online credibility and reputation

Often times as an entrepreneur you’ve got to handle deals with some other business owners, in fact, most of which you’ve never met.

I’m sure what you did almost immediately after you received their mouthwatering offers was to confirm their credibility and reputation, especially through a google search.

In this same vein, your proposed clients or customers envisage a piece of noteworthy and convincing information about your business online before staking their funds, and the best way to achieve this is through a website.

Also, there are options like testimonials from previous clients which can be nicely arranged on your website for more credibility and trust.

72% Of Consumers Say That Positive Reviews Make Them Trust A Local Business More
72% Of Consumers Say That Positive Reviews Make Them Trust A Local Business More
3. Generate leads, prospects, or sales

The growth of businesses is absolutely and typically dependent on how they can consistently generate quality leads or sales.

Presently your business might be grossing in enough sales to keep it running!

But you must know as an entrepreneur that building a sustainable business requires exploiting available and viable options as long as focus is maintained and structure is formulated.

A professional website makes available some metrics to better understand your audience (location, preferences, demography, values, decisions) and sell to them more effectively.

Likewise, there are conversion optimization strategies and tools that can be utilized to achieve better results with your website and scale your business at a very reduced incremental cost.

In 2021, ecommerce sales are expected to account for 18.1 percent of retail sales worldwide.
In 2021, ecommerce sales are expected to grow to almost 5 trillion dollars of retail sales worldwide.
4. Positions you for the right customers or clients

Obviously, your website only attracts and is majorly visited by those who are interested in your business, unlike social media where anyone can stumble and engage with your business page without an iota of interest.

For example;

For a niche business, who sells only ties for men, you can easily run campaigns and market to men who are interested in ties, cutting through thousands of retailers who sells men clothing.

Or probably you are into construction business, your audience can be streamlined to only those who are interested in this service.

Hence, every individual who engages with your website is genuinely interested in your business.

5. Your business can be better optimized for search engine visibility

Search engines give preferences to local businesses that have optimized websites.

That is, your business can easily rank organically without much effort and a huge budget on promotion can be avoided.

To optimize your website for better search engine visibility, you must duly consider the following;

  • Optimal use of tags, such as title tags and image alt tag: this enables the search engines’ spider to crawl your webpage effectively.
  • Perfect structure for easy navigation and accessibility (ease of use for everyone regardless of their disabilities).
  • Consistent use of focus and LSI keywords that best describe your business.
  • Effective use of inbound and outbound links to boost trust on your web page
  • Optimum speed, just because a slow website can easily scare away your visitors, and eventually increasing your bounce rate, which in turn affects your click-through on the organic search page.

This means your website begins to rank lower until it disappears from the first page.

Brown Brand Development Coach Facebook Cover 1 1
6. Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals and Objectives

A professional website is tailored to help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Another reason why professional service comes in handy.

To understand your business, a professional takes you through a website discovery session; at this point the professional gains in-depth insight into your business.

Then learns more about you and your business, your website goals and objectives, website visitors, and the kind of actions you want them to take on your website.


Lead Generation Case Study: How To Get 40,000 Leads Per Month
Lead Generation Case Study: How To Get 40,000 Leads Per Month

To better understand your goals and objective for creating a website, its important you know the different types of websites.

Major kinds of professional business website

Brochure website:

Put simply, a brochure website showcases your business information, services, and products.

Nothing really complicated about a brochure a website, it’s basically built to intimate your potential customers with your business.

A brochure website ranges from 5 pages to 15 pages and even more for some businesses, however, some other pages can still be called dynamically.

A typical brochure website will have the following pages

  • The homepage
  • A page showing about the company, her history, values, goals, objectives, and all.
  • The contact page showcasing several means the business could be contacted.
  • A page for services and products been offered by the business.
  • A team page could also be integrated with the about us page.
  • A blog section.

Another factor that will set you apart from your competitors is to have a good copy all-around your website, a professional should considered if you have the budget, you should read Susan’s article on why you need a freelance copywriter for more light.

Examples of Creative Brochure Website

Accountant Online

The clear and concise copies in the slider are enough to make their prospects understand their proposed value and convincing enough to make them take necessary actions.

And moving down the fold, they’ve got a lot of info to build credibility around the company.

Not to forget to mention, the color usage and design style is impressive and worthy to be emulated.

Blue plate Chicago

Blue plate Chicago really has an impressive User Interface coupled with quality images used all around the website added icing to the cake.

What actually caught my fancy, was the about us page, one of the most creative and detailed I have seen on the web.

The about page featured a short bio of Jon the founder and also the company’s milestone in a slide.

Really, one of the most amazing way to connect with your prospects is through your story.

Sault Fitness

Sault Fitness a simple yet elegant website for a fitness center.

It’s clear and obvious that they actually know their onions, the website was designed to be information-driven with a dedicated blog section, where they share fitness tips and resources.

They have called to action buttons positioned all around the website to make it easier for their visitors to take quick action

Tremain Artaza

To create a level of credibility and to flaunts their reputation, Tremain Arteza’s website showcased their awards and achievement just below the hero header.

Something I will strongly advice businesses who are in a very competitive industry should do to stand out.

Some other notable features are;

A page dedicated for reviews from clients, something which is not often seen on other Law firms’ websites.

Also, customers can book consultation appointment online easily and available date for consultation will be apportioned to them.

Chivalry Grooming Parlour

One very fascinating feature of the Chivalry website is the call to action above the fold that takes you directly to a page where you can book a barbing session.

This is helpful especially for returning visitors who are already familiar with the brand and wants to book an appointment quickly.

Also, first-time visitors don’t need much navigation to understand the brand and what it stands for.

Impressive UI designs and mobile responsive.

Mercury Construction

The simplicity of the design made to be included in this list, it’s not out of place to see construction companies have aged and unresponsive websites.

However, Mercury has taken a step ahead of her competitors, though, the UI can still be improved upon to look more modern and stunning.

Arise Md

Especially for a business website, one way to boost your credibility is to tell your visitors you’re accessible.

AriseMd did this perfectly by placing their contact even above the header.

This means the first thing you see on the site is their contact information, when you also click on the find us link it drops down a google map showing the company’s location.

The Massage Elite

From the User interface to the overall content on the website even to the navigation structure.

It’s quite obvious that Message Elite is professionals at what they do.

Just as highlighted above, a website designed properly gives your visitors a full scope of your level of expertise.

Hence, you need to go all out to build a website that best fits your brand image.

The website also has a dedicated page for online booking to enable visitors to make quick service bookings

Vibes Fitness

One very thing that caught my attention was the customized icons used throughout the site, it shows how the brand pays so much attention to details.

The colour combination, the abstract backgrounds, information structure, and picture selection all projects an adequate brand image.

Craig White

No doubt one of the best coaching websites I have seen so far, incredible design and content-rich.

This website should inspire you that still think all you need for your coaching business is an Instagram page.

Really creative design, awesome fonts paring, especially the part of the homepage tagged A common mentality, the background idea is out of the box.

Craig White has a page dedicated to clients’ testimonials, convincing enough for new clients, also a blog to prove his level of expertise in the field.

Ns Wibberley

It wouldn’t be weird to discover that this might the first funeral website you might be visiting.

This is to inform you as a business owner that there is no business that can’t own a website.

Pricing breakdown, adequate contact page, detailed services page, well-curated about us page, a blog for tips and resources, clients’ testimonials page, all these are all included in

And not to forget to mention the subtle animation gave the website a unique feel.

Portfolio website:

Most common with creatives professionals.

And, just like the brochure website, the portfolio website is also used to showcase information, products, and services.

For a portfolio website, your selling point is your past projects and the attractiveness of your website, which is why the website needs to appear really creative, satisfying the aesthetic sense.

A typical portfolio website will likewise have the same pages as the brochure website; however, some creatives will consider having theirs as a single page.

Examples of Stunning Portfolio Websites

Wedding Drone New York

A typical example of a one-page website.

Straight to the point content, no fluff; about the company, what they do, clients’ expectation, a little info about the man behind the camera, and their contact information.

A good example for businesses who don’t have much content or jobs done.

Inaki Soria

Another typical example of a one-page website.

Inaki is a freelance designer and his website was structured to communicate this, especially to proposed clients.

One notable feature I saw on the website that I’m yet to see on any; is a link to the testimonials on LinkedIn, and the testimonials coming from reputable brands gave him more credibility.

Impressive UI, sample projects are positioned adequately on the page and, awesome font pairing.

Ballsy Media

Ballsy Media which is a digital agency with over 10 years of experience up its sleeve; was able to build strong emotional or connection triggers into their website.

By appropriately utilizing incredible animation and making clever design decisions.

The design style undoubtedly proclaims their level of expertise and professionalism

Other noticeable features are:

The clickable phone number at the top left of the header initiates a direct phone call, especially on mobile.

Unique portfolio positioning.

The creative full-screen menu display with a background effect.

Also, Impressive fonts usage all through the website

Ramon Gilabert

This website by Ramon will change your perspective about the portfolio website.

It’s not out of place to want to impress your visitors with animations, eye-catching and exceptional colour combinations, or even formidable fonts pairing.

However, in the event of trying to impress, make sure you don’t lose your audience or obliterate your brand style.

 Your portfolio website can be simple yet classy, you need to build a website that will identify with your brand.

Ramon did an excellent job, designing a simple and no fluff portfolio website, elegantly showcasing his past projects.

Shantell Martin

One of the most creative artist portfolio websites­­ I have seen, indeed, another example that it can be simple yet classy.

The idea of Shantel’s picture on the background is completely exceptional, the animated artistic drawings are mind-blowing, the navigation position and the smooth animation from page to page is completely out of the box

Judging by the design aesthetics, and some other awesome decisions taken to build the website, I’m convinced the rate of conversion will be worthwhile

Gehna Advani

Gehna is an influencer makeup artist based in Dubai.

The website appears typically like a landing page with well-curated images dutifully representing Gehna as a brand and an influencer that she is.

This website also made it to our list, to convince you that minimalism can still deliver high conversion.

Superior Concierge Services

With an average rating of 6.5 on the awwwards website, this US-based event planner website is definitely worthy of our mention.

The creative background video, the descriptive images showcasing the breakdown of the services, the request a quote section, and the google map below the fold, all made the homepage complete for a one-man business.

Marting Arrix

A perfect sample if you’re looking at designing a premium website.

Most times, web agencies might charge 5 to 6 figures to get much done, but if you have the budget, I’ll advise you to go for it.

Websites like this will position you for premium clients.

Mart is an international DJ with over 50m followers on his socials, hence, a design or visual that prioritizes the audience should be considered, personality should be embedded.

Your design should be centered around making your audience feel close to you.

The overall animation, the music list, a few pictures and videos showing Mart’s personal life, and not to forget the music page showing mixtapes with the production year in the background, all brought the design to life.

Mtm Beats

A very good example of an express use of call to action.

Considering the music industry, you have little content to consistently chunk out to keep your visitors coming back to your website, which is why you need bait to bring them back.

And, the bait is only possible when you’ve developed an adequate means to reach them.

According to statistics, email is becoming one of the fastest most effective communication means with users growing up to 4.3 billion in 2023, which’s more than half of the world’s population.

If you haven’t started collecting leads on your website, endeavor to start now.

Miss Tahloulah May made good usage of her hero header by including a clear call to action for email sign-up.

Jay Rexford

The most captivating deed on this website, was Josh Rexford using design aesthetics and content to explain the importance of documenting moments.

Josh’s blog goes father than sharing tips and resources, he goes on to share and break down some of his past Jobs and creatively organizing the process into a formidable gallery.

This one of the proven ways to prove your expertise and professionalism in your field.

Josh proved to us that

Landing page:

The goal of building a landing page is solely for conversion purposes.

Often used for releasing new products and services, which can vary from an app or software, gadgets, or clothing line.

Can also be used to promote events.

A landing page is built for a specific purpose and to attract a targeted audience to take a specific action.

Many businesses have recorded dramatic increases in leads and even sales using a landing page, you can easily cut out unnecessary information and curate content that will only entice visitors to make a buying decision.

The beauty of a landing page is that more than one page can be built with different themes and likewise different actionable triggers and can all be tested accordingly to know what performs better and why.

The overall experience is to better understand what prompts your visitors to take action and to maximize it effectively.

Examples of High Converting Portfolio Websites

Get Beg Mail

While building a landing page, the focus of the design team is to build a website fully optimized for conversion.

Here, Bigmail was able to build, not just a conversion-optimized landing page but also an exquisite design interface.

A sticky header that carries a call-to-action button follows you throughout the page, which you can easily click to purchase a plan once you’ve read enough to be convinced of the product.

Balanced color usage and playful elements made the landing page look stylish.

If your business requires sensitive information from your customers, you want to do more than just throwing one or two trust seals on your website even SSL is not enough.

The rating and achievement flaunted below the hero header on the Empower landing page is enough to earn the brand a level of credibility and trust from customers.

As a business owner, you want to go the extra mile to build a level of trust and credibility around your business.

Earn positive reviews from trusted brands and flaunt them on your website.

Love Bug Pet Food

Do you think it’s kind of weird for a business that sells cat food to have a website?

Maybe you’re still in the ’80s.

Don’t forget the goal of a landing page is to earn a quick conversion.

And that’s exactly what this website represents, every fold contains a call-to-action button.

Visitors don’t have to struggle to find the action button, they are adequately positioned, with a bright contrasting color that pushes visitors to take action.

The beautiful colour combination and appropriate clip art depicting every message.


Marshmallow is a car-only insurance firm.

It is important as a business owner to position your brand around a specific niche; you sell to no one when you try to sell to everyone.

Discover your niche then strive to dominate.

Marshmallow did justice to their landing page by depicting each of their unique features with an appropriate screenshot taken from their app.

This is enough to tell the customers what to expect from the app and also from the firm’s service delivery.

Fly By

Very creative use of whitespace, in fact, adopting the line effect on the product label on the landing page gave the page a very unique interface.

Click on the shop link in the header you will discover the hover effect you might have never seen before.

All-round stunning design and testimonials from big brands added icing to the cake.

Future Noodles

A local store is not synonymous with a local brand.

Your brand is people’s perception of your business, hence, creating a positive and impressive image should be your goal as a business owner.

Future Noodles did a wonderful job by making their page look extremely professional and foreign as well.

The subtle animation, the images, colour choice, customized icons, and clip art all contributed to the stunning design.

This landing page was basically featured here, mainly because of the uniqueness of the products offered.

Further affirming the fact that you can create a website for almost any kind of business. sells a very distinctive type of Air Conditioner, which has won rave reviews from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and so on.


 The peculiarity of the design made to be featured in our list.

Also, the copy above the header will definitely increase customers buying power.

Sometimes, people want to carry out some charitable deeds but don’t know how to go about it, so, when someone is doing this on their behalf, they are encouraged and support more.

Do you still remember Toms; for every pair you buy, one is being donated to someone.

If you do any charitable deeds in your business feel free to share it on your site, it spurns action in your customers

Feels App

The goofy background video already portrayed what should be expected from the app.

In fact, using several floating elements in the form of gifs, subtle animation, and colour gradients, Feels-app was able to build a custom and fun-filled landing page that should convert more visitors to the app loyal users.

Another thing, I would like to appoint out here is that you need to know your audience and build what they can relate with.

It’s kind of clear and obvious that Feels App is for the millennials.

Study your audience; their age range, demographic, interests, behaviours.

Flow Your Money

Breathtaking design interface, wise color choice, the call-to-action button at the top will definitely make prompt buying decisions.

Fast speed website

Ecommerce website;

From simple to overly complex websites with thousands of pages, the eCommerce website varies according to the size and form of the business.

ECommerce is a website built mainly to showcase and sell your products to your audience.

Your products should be categorized and arranged properly for customers to browse through and purchase products without friction or complication.

Some features of an eCommerce website

  • Product catalogue
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout page
  • Payment gateway
  • And some other custom and dynamic pages
Examples of Ecommerce Websites For Inspiration

Bram Company

You always don’t have to wait until you have multiple collections of products to sell, before considering a website for your business.

I have seen several few products eCommerce websites that are doing extremely well, with a high conversion rate

You know sometimes the narrow your niche, the greater the opportunity for you to dominate.

Bram is a store that sells only a product, which is the leather wallet, and the website has been creatively structured to achieve this cause.


Another classy example of a single product eCommerce store.

The rare privilege you derive from having to dedicate a whole website just to one line of product is basically that you can be more detailed about the product, and employ every convincing strategy to market the product.

Just from the homepage you’ll know everything about the pwnage custom mouse, the hero header video shows you a 360’ view of the mouse.

Moving down the fold you’ll see some available custom style, further down you’ll discover all the core features of the mouse and then past testimonies from buyers.

An impeccable and detailed user interface altogether.

Natif Store

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that having a story around your brand gives your brand a unique position and helps you sell better and faster.

When you take a keen look at the most successful eCommerce brands, you’ll realize they all have a story to tell, even if some didn’t have any from inception, they had to build one they began to grow.

 Natif store speaks luxury, quality, and simplicity, hence, the website was built to expatiate these details.

My Party Tickets

It’s not far-fetched to have just consumables or accessories to define eCommerce, hence, when we hear the word eCommerce what comes to mind are basically wears, and other physical goods.

What about deals, ideas and, courses, there are a plethora of things that can be sold online.

My Park Tickets curate the best deal for theme park tickets, thus, the company helps you with the best combination of discounted park deals and still have the tickets delivered to you for free.

Bakery Lorraine

We’re past the days when you have to fully depend on word of mouth to acquire your desired clients.

You need to harness all means possible to 10x your business.

Whatever you’re selling or producing, your local store needs a website.

On Bakery Lorraine, just by filling a few fields in a form, you can simply customize your order just as if you’re there live at the store.

Notes Coffee

I’m majorly enlisting these websites to further emphasize why your local store needs one.

The main website was built basically to showcase the company’s information; the story behind the brand, the contact details, location, and the menus.

An external Shopify store was built for the shopping process.

Elements Home and Garden

A typical sample for business with huge collections of products.

The header search box makes it easy for visitors to quickly search for desired products, organized navigation, and the phone number that initiates a call on mobile all contributed to the success of this stunning design.

MYSA Skin Care

The point where simplicity meets aesthetics.

Landing on the page you’re greeted with an almost irresistible offer to make you a subscriber for subsequent updates on products release and other information.

Quaint colour balance throughout the website and the products images are by and large exceptional

Kiran Dellimore

Granting the fact that, amazon or any other popular stores are the best and the most effective place to sell your books.

It is essential as an author to still have your own personal website, from where you can channel visitors back and forth to your other online spaces.

Just having your books on other stores is tantamount to just owning social media pages or having your website built on a website builder; you don’t determine the rules.

The site welcomes you with a section to check Kiran latest book, very thoughtful decision to make

Di Bruno Bross

One of the oldest businesses on our list, to grow a business you need to learn flexibility like I mentioned earlier your business might be doing well locally, growth requires exploring all viable options.

Dibruno, a business that existed for over 80 years serving local consumers with perishable foods, had to create an online base to reach a global audience.

Two things to learn.

  • Almost any business can thrive online
  • It’s never too late to join the wagon, you only to understand the game.
More Complex website;

There are several website design projects that don’t necessarily fit into any of the categories above.

These complex websites include;

Online community – forums, wiki sites

 Social media website – dating site, content sharing site.

 Business directory

 Job listing

 Magazine website

Web portal and so on


In conclusion

The benefits of a professional website for your business are innumerable, it opens your business to unlimited doors of opportunities and privileges, which just social media accounts or word of mouth cannot offer you.

Especially if you’re starting a unique line of business online you definitely need a professional website to accurately position you for the right audience.

Likewise, if you are finding it difficult to scale your business, working with a professional web agency might just be all you need.

The discovery session with the professional will eventually reveal every detail needed to achieve the anticipated and long overdue growth.

Do you find this post useful? Please let me know in the comment section and please you can also share a tip or two that I and others can learn from.

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